Monday, May 18, 2009

Amazon,ebay,and Google:unlocking and sharing Business Database

There are platform & engine on which many organizations keep their data, information related other things.
On these Engines no any have lock there is free information everybody can share it. Get it profit.


Amazon actually is web service which was opened in 2002.
In this web service they had spent more than 10 years and a billion dollars to build organize and safeguard Amazon, EBay and Google unlocking and sharing Business Database.
In this project more than 6500 developers, businesses and other entrepreneurs have trapped into the data, there is online web service.
Most people think of Amazon as the world’s largest retailer or “earth’s biggest book store” but as Bezos called it in its start-up days.


Is also web-service which is based on e-commerce business in this web-service we also share information online.
They develop a system which is APLs [Application Programming Interface] which is use for seller and become at least 50% more productive then those who use website itself.
The Experimentation at eBay has been Just as ambition.


Enables user to search the Web, use net and image. Features include Page Roming caching and translation of result and an option to find similar pages. Google is a Search Engine. The company parcels out some of its search result data and recently unlocked quest to its desktop and paid-search Products. Now dozen of Google driven services are cropping up, from custom Web browsers to graphical search engines.

The benefit of these is to pen their database to developers and others.
The developer communities, opening the $3 billion company’s database of 33million weekly auction items to the technoriti , Some 15000 developers and other have since registered to use that prized database and access other software feature. Already 41 to of eBay’s listings are uploaded to the site using software that takes advantage of these newly accessible resources.
The rise of open source software certainly challenged the motives. The rise of open database and web serves even further, holding out the promise of automating the link between online business by application which depend on companies sharing their vital art and get profit in business.
Now it’s core part of our strategy.

The company has that more 1000 new applications have emerged from its 10000 or so registered developers. As with Amazon, the most popular are applications that help sellers automate the process of lifting item on eBay or displaying item on other side.
EXAMPLE of my position is “Las Vegas”, based (Super Pawn) which runs a chain of 46 pawnshops in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas and Washington. The company (recently required by the larger Pawnshop operator cash America International) uses eBay’s APLs to Atom stirly upload the latest pawned item from its Physical Stores to e-Bay. Their System already generates more than 5% of Supper pawn’s 40 million in annual sales and thousand more transition for eBay.

If we compare Google with Amazon and eBay it takes very baby steps, Developers can grape 1000 search result a day a for free, but anything more than that requires special permission. In January 2005, Google finally opened it Ad word paid search service to outside applications allowing marketers to automate their Google and campaigns.
What’s behind the open-door policy?
Sure to their pioneering roots, Bezos, Whitman and Google boys are pushing their companies into era in which online business operate as open-ended software Platform than can accommodate thousands of other business selling symbiotic products and service.

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