Monday, May 18, 2009

How can we Manage time

For effective time management one should feel that time is “short”.

Time log
Record your time over a period of time.
How each hour is spent?
What do we do in this time period which is passing?
Did we achieve in this time period what we decided?
Answer to these questions will reveal that there is ample chance for improvement.

Prioritizing the tasks

important Not important
T Real crisis, unforeseeable,
Opportunity for pleasure or progress,
DO IT NOW Reactive jobs, rush jobs,
unexpected problem, other people’s work
Spend minimum time or
T Can wait untill tomorrow but
Certainly need to be done,
Failing to do means missed opportunities
Plan it Tempting and easy jobs, irrelevant, unpleasant tasks
Don’t do it unless it is urgent

Important should be an internal judgment

Category 1: job needs to be done immediately and thoroughly.
Category2: ignoring the job results in serious consequences, it should be done with little time spent on it.
Category3: jobs could be postponed, but should be done sometimes, could make your life better.
Category4:these jobs should be done only after everything has been done, if ignored for ever they will become urgent and cause you stress

List three jobs you need to do today.
Write against each how important it is, listing from 1 to 10.
Now think what basis you need to make this judgment.

What ever you do, do it properly

If the job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.
Can’t do every thing perfectly.

Ford or rolls-Royce job

Value for money
Value for time
If you do every job perfectly, there will be many jobs which you cannot do at all.

Circles and numbers according to importance and urgency

Size of the circle: is according to amount of time devoted to each task.
Number of the circle: is according to the importance and urgency of the task.

Planning your day

The time to plan your day is not the first thing in the morning, but at the end of the previous day.
Resist the temptation to be over ambitious in the number of tasks you set for yourself

Mapping out your week

To map out your week is at the end of the previous week. You are aiming to establish an overall balance to your week, how much you need to do each day to carry forward a major long term initiative. It is also an opportunity to overview your current week.

Overviewing the next three months

It is a major block of time devoted to developmental tasks.
Time scale allocated to each task should be realistic. If tasks are not upto the mark then go for weekly review initially in conjunction of master plan.

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