Monday, May 18, 2009

What are Etiquette?

“Corporate Etiquette”
To enter the corporate arena, you need to be equipped.
You have done well, choosing your field of study and professions.
Now put your best foot forward and make it worth your while.
 Make the first impression last.

• The perfect dress for an interview is one in which you are not self-conscious. You want to look your profession best.
• Arrive early this will give you time to relax and settle down.
• Sit down when you are asked to with a polite smile and thank you.
• Keep your hands folded on your lap.
• Shake hands firmly when you leave.
• Leave with smile and confidence.

 You do not get a second chance to make a good first impression.
Your first day at office is like an audition, you will need to prove yourself.

• Mistakes are inevitable. Assure responsibility in spite of it. Never shirk duties for fear of failure.
• Never blame others, it shows lack of integrity and accountability.
Keep Timing
Punctuality deserves respect.
Closure is important.
Wrap up what you are doing, think of the continuity for the next day and then leave.
Plan long vacations ahead of time.
Do inform ahead of time and avail your leave.
Take too much “leave” and soon you will be asked to leave!
Sharing workspace
. Keep your voice low when your are on phone.
. Never repeat overhead information.
. Don’t tap the pen.
. Strange perfumes can be offensive.
. Never pull up offensive posters.
. Dress to match the culture of your workspace.
. Your office is a beautiful combination of sacred personal space and delicate common space.
. Using another’s desktop is taboo.
Black Magic Words
Can’t; You can’t expect us to do that.
Busy; You are entitled to be busy.
Isn’t; This isn’t my work.
Fear; Never fear the project.
Don’t engage in gossips, because who indulge in it believe that they are never the subject of it.
“I prefer not to get too personal”
this will put a swift end to unpleasant conversations.
When on office picnic
It breaks the ice.
the buddy today is boss ob Monday.
. Personal calls and visitors are unavoidable should be an exceptions not the rule.
. Restrict your time online.
. Make your own boundaries and stay within them.
. Cell phones are emergency tools.
. of set the ringtone at the low level, preferably use a vibrator.
Make a prompt, concise and formal email.
An introduction conveys a level of respect and reflects how the person making the introduction views the other person’s status.
Not making the intro correctly may cause embarrassment and discomfort.
Follow the hierarchy
. The person of lesser importance is introduced to the person of greater importance.
. Client is very important in any organization even if client holds lesser title, it will be “Mr. Executive, meet Mr. Client” and not vice versa.
Responding to intro is equally important How do you do? Followed by person’s name.
Introduce yourself by extending your hand smiling and stating that I work with so and so.
At any business meeting always introduce yourself to person sitting next to you to open the way for conversations.
Winning Contacts
Attend meetings and parties whenever you get an opportunity. Using people is not what this is about. It is knowing the right people. A well connected person is an asset to any organization.
Business Dinners
Dinners are ideal to cement existing r/s the rule for paying the table in business is clear. Whoever benefits from the business association pays, regardless of gender. If there is no clear beneficiary, the person who extends the invitation pays.
Don’t make food and drink your purpose.
Don’t fill your plate to overflowing.

Style spells success
Modesty never goes out of fashion.
Dressing speaks louder then words.
Bidding adieu
As you take off, so must you land.
You can finish with finesse too.
Having handed In the papers remember you still have your commitments to fulfill the day you leave.
Make sure that you leave more than just a clear desktop behind when you move on. Leave a track record and memories of a dignified, diligent employee who can stride in again to say hello.
Finesse is for those who are fine who respect

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