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Social graces

Social Graces
Etiquette “The customary code of polite behavior in society”
Etiquette is simply a way of life.

Generally people believe that manners are a collection of rules set by the snobbish elite to make everyone feel out of place.

It is the way civilized people behave in company, to minimize conflict.

There are no laws, nor rules.
They are a voluntary system of behavior. They have evolved from basic decency.

Good manners are not a sign of weakness.
They indicate strength of character.

Incorrectly, it is thought as a social barrier, good manners are what keep society intact.

Through little magic words, we can get our things done.
Get your way with finesse.

. Appreciate and applaud.
Everybody loves appreciation.
Accept compliments with
Never ever solicit (Ask beg earnestly) compliments with leading questions.

. Apologize: To know when you are wrong and to admit it.
. Honor Order: Do not cut into queues.

. Check numbers before you dial: Calling wrong numbers is an offense. Do have the grace to apologize if you do.
. Never acknowledge or prolong observe calls Ignore.

Avoid unaided conversations with strangers, likewise, discourage children from doing so too.
. Never interrupt conversations.
. Cultivate the art of listening.

Conversation is an art,
Listening is a fine art.
The art of conversation lies in making others feel that they are the centre of attention, a position, being flattering.
Starting a conversation:
The easiest way to startup conversation is to talk about the place where you are, the reason for that meeting, or a common friend.
You don’t have to say a lot to be polite. Just say few interesting stories, get the conversation going and then pay attention.
It would help maintain eye contact.
. Compliment others.
. Ask after others.
. Tend to positive words and comments.
. Smile.
Never monopolize the conversation.
Don’t let long widened stories of personnel success.
First person tale tends to stale in a minute.
Be sensitive to your company.
Interrupting conversations is rude because changing the topic will leave the original speaker embarrassed or irritated.

Don’t make sweeping statements.
Faux pas
never harp on how much you dislike certain foods, beverages, people or events.
There might be people in your midst who love something.
On putting your foot
It is very bad manner to contradict a person while in conversation.
Even if you disagree, if it is important enough to take up quietly say “could you have been misinformed then make your point gently.
“I have reliable information that …”
Don’t say that, “this isn’t true”, “that’s a lie”

. Read a lot, be up to date.

. Give common opinions only when others ask for it.
Cultivate the art of listening.
Silence is dignity.
. Tone:
The tone should be pleasant, loud tone gives an ignorant impression.Whispers are exceptionally rude.
. Always ask never tell.

Could you please pass that book, not “pass that book please”
. Words:-
Words can work wonders.
Speech is silver, but
Silence is gold.
Your vocabulary gives away the kind of person you really are.
don’t use swear words.
don’t use bad language in presence of ladies
Taboo topics:
Certain topics are not suitable for discussion in public.
. Person’s age
. Salary
. Personnel remark, an appearance and dress.
. Personnel and family related details that are meant to be confidential.
. Martial affairs.
. Designation.
. Promotion.
. Financial issues.

It is inappropriate to hold discussion with strangers in public places.

. Be nice with rude person.
You may let other person know that they have hurt your feelings, but you may certainly stand up for yourself in a firm calm manner.
. Time: an appointment diary.

Compliment the person not an inanimate item.
Not “Love those shoes, where did you buy them?”
Say “These shoes look great on you”.
. Art of introduction:
A gentleman is introduced to a lady.
A younger person is introduced to an older person.
What happens when you forget the name of the person you know.
I am sorry; I am just not able to remember your name.
May I present to you.
Hi ! It’s so nice to see you.

RSVP “repondezs’il vous plait”
Please do respond.
Don’t lean on table neither backward nor forward. Standup when somebody approaches you.
Eating manners
Don’t overload your plate.
Don’t slurp soup.
Don’t bring your face towards the plate but bring the plate up to you.
Relax and enjoy food is not going anywhere.
Meal time is no call time.
Don’t push your plate away wait until all are through.
Make your maximum effort to adopt all these.
God bless you

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