Monday, May 18, 2009

Premium Plans

Premium Plan
The Premium Plan is a great fit if you bank often, both at home and when you travel. You get unlimited monthly transactions online, by telephone, at a branch and at BMO ABMs. In addition, you can withdraw money from non-BMO ABM machines without paying extra fees from BMO. You also get free cheques, free money orders and drafts and a safety deposit box rebate.
You can simplify your banking by putting all your accounts – including chequing, savings and joint accounts – under your Premium Plan, all for just one monthly fee. BMO is the only bank to offer this money-saving feature.
The monthly Premium Plan fee is waived if a minimum monthly balance of $4,500 is maintained in a Primary Chequing account (when it is designated as the main account for your Banking Plan).
Monthly Plan Fee: $25.00
Everyday Banking
• Unlimited monthly transactions (including account history inquiries).
• 10 debit transactions per month using non-BMO ABM on the INTERAC®* network.
• 2 INTERAC Email Money Transfers per month.
• Cheques return option.
• Assisted-service bill payment at no extra charge.
Added Protection
• Overdraft Transfer Service between personal accounts in the Banking Plan to cover overdraft at no extra charge.
• Overdraft protection4 up to $50 U.S. on U.S. dollar chequing accounts in good standing.
• Personal Credit Reserve4 (up to $2,500) with no monthly fee or per item fee.
Travel Needs
• To help you save money, we are the only bank to offer no-fee, traditional-style, single signature travelers cheques.
• International: 5 monthly debit transactions using non-BMO ABMs on the Cirrus®* Network.
• International: 5 monthly Direct Payment purchases at merchants using Maestro® service.
• Preferred exchange rate when buying or selling U.S. cash (up to $5,000 U.S. per transaction).
• U.S. dollar bill payments or transfers to U.S. financial institutions through telephone banking service.
Additional Features
• Personalized cheques at no extra charge (cheque style limited).
• Money orders and drafts (in available currencies), certified cheques and stop payments.
• Safety deposit box annual $12 discount (subject to availability – one box per Banking Plan).

• Multiple Canadian or U.S. dollar personal accounts, including accounts held jointly with, or individually by, your spouse, are covered by one monthly Banking Plan fee1 (all accounts covered by the Banking Plan are subject to the Plan’s monthly transaction limit where applicable).

• Your Banking Plan must have a main account (Canadian or U.S. dollar) from which the monthly Banking Plan fee and transaction fees that exceed the monthly transaction limit will be debited.

• The monthly Banking Plan fee can be waived by maintaining a specified minimum monthly balance at all times in your Primary Chequing account (when it has been designated as the main account for your Banking Plan).

• When your Banking Plan’s monthly transaction limits are exceeded, additional fees will apply on a per-item basis.

• You can link your BMO Investor Line®** Account Link® account and/or your BMO Nesbitt Burns®‡ Access Service personal account to your existing Everyday Banking Plan. Debit transactions and account history inquiries completed through these accounts will be included in your monthly transaction limit.
• Start turning your banking into AIR MILES reward miles.
How you can save:
Monthly Banking Plan Fee $25.00
Minimum monthly balance needed to waive monthly fee.
No-fee banking programs
Youth, Student, Recent Graduate and Young Adult
Senior $11.05
• If you’re under 21, you qualify for an $8.50 discount on the Premium Plan.

• If you’re a student who’s 21 or older, you qualify for an $8.50 discount. And to help you make the transition from student to the working world, BMO Bank of Montreal provides recent graduates with an extra 12 months of free banking.
• If you’re 60 or older, you qualify for a $13.95 discount. The Senior Discount Program includes unlimited transactions through any BMO channel. You will also receive the added protection of Overdraft Transfer Service

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